The World’s Most Advanced Contact Lens
Prescription Verification System

VML™ is the first and most powerful contact lens verification service for both online and retail stores. VML™ keeps your customers informed every step of the way. Customizable patient portals, alerts by txt email and calls. Robust reporting and a favorite by eye care professionals. VML helps your business stay in compliance with federal contact lens verification laws.

Maximize Your Verification Approval Rate!

VML™ Standard is 100% FREE! That’s Right! Zip, Zilcho

VerifyMyLenses™ is a FREE contact lens prescription verification service to all of our authorized contact lens retailers and their customers! We help you manage all of the paperwork to sell contact lenses safely and legally under federal contact lens laws.

All of the lenses we verify are FDA Cleared and are from reputable companies. We offer both theatrical and cosmetic lenses in plano and corrective strengths. We can even set up dropshipping!

Every year theatrical contact lenses become more and more popular. Changing your eye color or adding special effects is a great way to add that special touch to your Halloween costume or event. But do you really know anything about the lenses you are buying? Is the retail store you are buying them from selling them legally? Did you know that ALL contact lenses, even non corrective ( plano ) lenses are considered a medical device by the FDA and require a prescription to be sold under federal law?

Make sure the retailer you are buying them from does so legally!

What We Do

VerifyMyLenses™ is a premium service offered to retail stores to properly manage the federal requirements to sell contact lenses by verifying the sale with the customers eye care professional. Our automated system is doctor friendly and keeps the customer informed every step of the verification process.

We make sure that every retail store that uses our service sells only FDA cleared lenses and treats your information and the health and safety of your eyes with the utmost importance.

Increase Store Profits Safely & Legally With Contact Lens Sales

Our System Has An 88% Approval Rate!

We help you manage all of the paperwork required so your store is always in compliance
with Federal Verification Requirements.