Data Cleared Function

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Data Cleared Function

On April 15th, 2017 we launched a new feature inside of VML called Data Cleared. The purpose of the Data Cleared function is to prevent customers from submitting information that is fraudulent regarding their eye care professional. For example. A customer could potentially list their primary care physician or physical therapist. Although extremely rare, we wanted to create a tool that would at a minimum check the data to make sure that the verification fax or email was going to an actual eye care professional.

In V1.0 or Data Cleared the process is done manually by either the store owner or VML admin. We do have hopes of automating the process in the near future.

Data Cleared uses the existing Google number search inside of VML to allow you to search the number the customer provided for their doctor to quickly do a public search to see if the number is associated with an Eye Care Professional.

Data Cleared creates a timestamp in the order that shows that someone looked up the ECP information to verify that the info is correct. A Data Cleared icon will appear in the order as well.

Questions and Answers

Q) Is Data Cleared Compulsory?
A) Yes. All orders need to be Data Cleared before an approval can be made in the system.

Q) What happens if the information provided isn’t an eye doctor?
A) Use the manual decision tool in the order and mark it as denied. The customer will receive an email with a chance to resubmit the order with the correct information.

Q) If I forget to use Data Cleared on an order, will it still approve after 8 business hours?
A) The order will freeze until Data Cleared has been completed.

Q) Does the Contact Lens Rule state this is mandatory?
A) Nope. The rule does not state that we need to verify the information that the customer gives us is truthful. Our position has always been that we need to rely on the customer to give us truthful and accurate information. Data Cleared is a function we are providing in addition to the rule to help protect the safety of your customers and to aid in your compliance. Bottom line. We believe it’s the right thing to do although not legally required under the Contact Lens Rule.

Q) So I have to manually clear all these orders?
A) Well, no. We want you to participate, but in these early stages the VML admins will be Data Clearing orders as they come into the system. It only takes a few seconds. But we do encourage you to take this step to actively participate in your compliance with the CLR.

Q) Will this be automated eventually?
A) ABSOLUTELY! We are working on a system that will automatically Data Clear an order as it comes in. But that’s a little ways off. But trust that it is in the works and we are focused on making that possible.

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