Info For Consumers

Your Safety Comes First – Easy 3 Step Process

Our system was designed and built from the ground up with one function. To make sure you can safely and legally buy your contact lenses at your favorite website or retail store. It is the only service of its kind that keeps you informed every step of the way via email, phone or text message!

Step 1 – Proper Information

When you visit your favorite retail store or website to purchase your lenses you will need some important information about your eye care professional.

  • Your eye care professionals name
  • Their phone AND fax number. ( The fax number MUST be correct  )
  • Your proper correction ( if needed )

If you do not have this information please call your eye care professional before buying your lenses to make sure you have it. You need to have properly been fit for contact lenses and have a valid fitting on file with them in order to wear lenses safely and to buy them legally.

We highly advise that you contact your eye care professional first to make sure they are aware that someone will be contacting them about your lenses. This decreases the wait time of the verification process dramatically. In addition your eye care professional can also advise you on how to properly care and clean your new lenses.

Step 2 – Choosing Your Lenses

This is the fun part right? Retail stores and websites can carry hundreds of different styles and designs to choose from. Look for the the VerifyMyLenses.Com logo at your favorite internet site or retailer. That way you know your new lenses are being sold safely and legally.

Depending on the store you may be asked to fill out a form that contains your eye care professionals contact information as well as your contact information. Our higher end stores will provide a touchscreen tablet in store for you to choose your lenses and fill out your info making your personal information even more secure!

When you fill out the information required we will ask how you want to be contacted. By text message, phone or email. This allows us to keep you posted in the verification system every step of the way and alert you if there is an issue that you may need to discuss with your eye care professional.

Soon we will be launching a section on our site that will help you locate the nearest store near you! And of course all of the fabulous websites that participate in the program.

Step 3 – Powerful Technology Jumps Into Action

As soon as you submit your information our system goes to work on your behalf. We immediately send your information and verification request to your eye care professional. Under the federal Contact Lens Rule your eye care professional has 8 business hours to return an approval or denial. Our system makes it very simple for your eye care professional to connect back with us and issue a response. Our system can effectively manage the data within minutes if the eye care professional responds promptly.

Updating You Every Step Of The Way

Once the information has been sent to your eye care professional we notify you by text, phone or email. We highly recommend text messaging as it is quick and discreet. Once we receive a response from your eye care professional we will let you know that you can go and pick up your lenses OR that the website can ship your lenses to you!