Eye Care Professional Verification

In order to log in you will need the Verification Number and PIN Number sent to your office.

Click Here To Verify Patient Prescription

Things To Know:

  • All of the lenses that use our verification service have been cleared by the FDA and have a valid 510(k).
  • The retailer is serious about the health and safety of your patient and is selling these safely and legally by requesting your approval under Federal Regulations.
  • We will recommend to your patient that they bring these lenses back to your office for an additional fitting.

Your Response Is Required

  • Your response is required within 8 business hours. The Fairness to Contact Lenses Consumer Act states that if you do not respond within 8 business hours the order will be approved.
  • A business hour according to the rule is Monday – Friday 9am through 5pm in your timezone.
  • Responding in a timely manner increases customer satisfaction and benefits the health and safety of your patient.